A fragrant history.  

Pineta boasts a long history of excellence in which every
step is an achievement of goodness.

Starting way back in 1903, its first bakery produced bread whose fragrance would spread through the streets, beckoning irresistibly to consumers.

In 1945 it began to produce sweet baked goods, and its delicious biscuits entered the homes of consumers, starting off every morning with their genuine taste at breakfast. 

Then, in 1953, arrived the products for special occasions, and for consumers the holidays became magical moments for enjoying these bakery specialties.

Now today, when the production of cakes and biscuits is carried out on a large scale, consumers continue to recognize the original Pineta goodness in every product

It’s sufficient to smell their fragrance, and taste them, to want to repeat the same wonderful experience every single day!



The same values as always.

Every day in its pursuit of excellence, 
Pineta draws inspiration from its longstanding values:

Panettoni Pineta - Evoluzione Pack
  • Experience and longstanding know-how of its master bakers,
  • faithfulness in its recipes to the best tradition,
  • the quality of genuine ingredients and choice raw materials,
  • continuing innovation to diversify its assortment, to meet the modern needs of today’s consumers.
Colombe Pasqua Pineta - Evoluzione Pack